Community of Lecturers without borders call

Webinar with Lecturers without borders took place on 12th June.
More information and agenda can be found on the website:

Contacts and projects of speakers speakers:
Camille Masellot (JOGL open science platform) online community management
Georgiy Makhatadze (Earth Science lectures) – lecture record with Lecturers without borders and Romania Covernton (virology) project page on Global free COVID webinars here

2. Link to the webinar recording on youtube to the presentation slides here

3. Links to projects shared in the chat:


Arthur [email protected]

Johanssen AfricArxiv



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Saroj Webinar on Sharing Experiences from Wuhan, China: Academic Activities During and After COVID Time: Jun 14, 2020 11:15 AM Kathmandu