Teaching and enabling students to ask questions in the class

Making students ask questions in the class is always challenging. Though teachers promote this practice, the success rate of sustaining the practice is not much encouraging. In this webinar, we use the ‘Question Formulation Technique’ a tested tool developed by the Right Question Institute (RQI, www.rightquestion.org). The objective of the webinar is to introduce thinking concepts involved in asking questions and more importantly practice the technique so that they can initiate, improve their questioning skills not only in the classroom but also in real life.

By participating in the webinar, students will be able to
1. Recognize the importance of asking their own questions in any learning environment, not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom settings
2. Understand the thinking skills required for asking questions that help students increase their engagement in the class and enhance deeper learning
3. Continuously practice and improve the question-asking aptitude to take ownership of learning and demonstrate greater comprehension of subject understanding.

Available in English and Tamil
Recommended for students aged 13+
See more about the speaker: Hameed Sulaiman Seyed Mohamed