Webinar “Science Communication”, 8th of May, 17:00 CET

LeWiBo invites you to participate in our webinar on Science Communication on the 8th of May at 17.00 CET.

Keynote speakers are:

– Theo Anagnostopoulos, science engager, social entrepreneur, Co-Founder of SciCo, Ashoka Fellow

– Daniel Meza, Science slammer and physicist, TU-Berlin

Science is not an easy subject. It is sometimes hard to explain science to non-researchers or non-academics. It is important though to learn how to communicate science, talk about science, explain science to the audience with another background. For example, children, high school students, or just people curious about experiments and scientific achievements.

How is science perceived by non-academic audiences?

What ways of engagement have proved successful and which ones have not?

In research we present our work with peers but stepping out of the academic audience has different challenges for a speaker. This Friday, two experienced speakers will share with us their approach. Join us to hear more.

Hope to see you on the 8th of May at 17.00 CET.

The link to the webinar in zoom will be given upon registration.
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