Global Free Webinars for Students

Lecturers without borders team has joined JOGL and launched a new project „Global Free Webinars for Students“ on the platform. We welcome all contributors who might be willing to join the initiative!

Being a non-profit social organization with a strong focus on both science and education we would like to help students all over the world understand what viruses are, why/how they make us sick and how we can fight them.

Along with the serious health consequences of the disease and the economic consequences of the lockdown, the current COVID-19 pandemic is creating a series of social problems all around the world, most of which are a direct consequence of lack of public understanding of the situation. Millions of high-school and university students all over the world are currently forced to stay at home and rely on online tools for their education. With this project, we aim to empower students not only to understand the current outbreak of COVID-19 but also to get a broader understanding of biology, scientific research, epidemiology, drug discovery, vaccine development and all the challenges and limitations of our current knowledge. We would like to encourage critical thinking and allow them to become active themselves in educating others, showing them how they can contribute themselves to reduce these social problems.

We are developing a series of webinars in English, Spanish and French that we’d like to offer for free to schools and universities. They will be recorded to make them available as online lectures. We already started collecting a library with video lectures and online materials and our network of collaborators around the globe helps us to reach more than 8000 schools in more than 20 countries. Students will be invited by their institutions and participation will be entirely optional.

The webinars will be interactive and the students will have the opportunity to send us questions beforehand in order to actively participate in determining the content of each session.

The lecturers will all have a strong background in virology, epidemiology and public health. Based on the success of this first round of webinars, we would like eventually to expand the expertise to other areas and continue to offer these webinars after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, covering other topics in science and technology.

Please email us if you would like either to give a lecture or to host a lecture within the project.