New lectures in Chennai, India, February, 2019

New lecturers were made by Dr. Shivani Arasu in Chennai, India, on February 8, 2019, at Vidyaniketan Matriculation, Higher Secondary School.

The interaction with the students was really nice. They were very much interested in Science and its application, specifically medical sciences. Students were very much aware of the existing health problems in the society.. They raised question on health problems like hypertension and diabetes,heart diseases and bone fractures. They raised questions related to Cancer and how to go into the research field.One student raised queries on Veterinary science. Others on Microbiology, Biochemistry and Physiology as they wanted to know about the application of biology, culture of micro-organisms and study of diseases..I shared with them information about Allied health Sciences courses and they raised their queries related to subjects for allied health sciences courses and admission process. The questions on health problems ranged from problems of child birth (cesarean section), study of diseases, bone fractures and animal bites (dog bite). They were happy with the information shared on Allied health courses and with the answers to their queries.

We also are thanking Teach for India contacts for the school lecture co-organisation.