Germany maths club

There is a maths club for students Munich of the age of 8-10 and 14-16 years. The club “Russischer Mathematikzirkel München” is for students who are good at school and want to learn more. We study topics mostly outside of the school curricula – partly from the curricula of Russian math schools, partly from the olympiad mathematics. Students take part in olympiads and solve research problems (of course, the mankind knows the solution, but the problem is a long-term project for the students).

We are interested in lecturers from different fields. We cherish classical education – fundamentals more than fancy stuff. If you want to visit us, you are very welcome every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon. Please, contact Mikhail from our Who are we page or write an email to mkhotyakov AT

On 16.05.2018 we made a skype-lesson with German Maths Club in München of Mikhail Khotyakov and SciEd lecturer Liubov Tupikina.

The topic of the skype-lesson was “Graph coloring problems”, the slides and mathematical problems are uploaded here. Liubov discussed simple examples of graph colorings and solved several problems in dialogue with 9 attending students. It was difficult to use a blackboard over skype, so the figures were drawn by Mikhail in Munich.