EPSC 2021 goes live for schools
In 2020 Europlanet Science Congress for the first time in history went live for schools.
In 2021, we'll be doing it again!
In Autumn 2021, the EuroPlanet Science Congress (EPSC), a scientific conference on planetary science, will open its doors again to schools, to give students a glimpse of how contemporary planetary science is done!
This year, just like in 2020, the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2021, a scientific conference on planetary science, is opening its doors to schools and gives to the students a peek on how contemporary science is done. You are kindly invited to join us virtually with your classroom or educational institute (suggested age range 12-18 years old or older).

EPSC 2021 takes place in September, but most activities for schools will be organized a bit later, starting in late October 2021. Scientific talks by the speakers from all over the world will be available to schools to follow online.

Please register your Intention to participate (non-binding from your part), either in the live or in the recorded events, according to the technical capabilities of your classroom, using this form.

This year's edition will be a bit different, but if you want to know what happened last year, you'll find below a summary, along with a link to download the educational material containing the links to the recordings to all the live talks and the on-demand program!
These activities were organised by Lecturers without Borders, the Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Network, the Diversity Committee of the Europlanet Society, Scientix and Frontiers.

More than 110 schools from different parts of the world registered for the event.
Teachers about EPSC 2020 going live for schools
  • "My students are fascinated by EPSC2020 goes live for schools. Yesterday my 5th graders stayed after school hours in the classroom in order to participate in the event. Their parents told me that they are so inspired and passionate that it is all they talk about at home and with their friends. Presentations were so passionate and inspiring. So important to empower young children about space, astronomy and STEM. EPSC2020 goes life for schools is an experience of a lifetime". - Teacher from Greece
  • "It was very good opportunity for my students and me to learn new things and to reach new experience". - Teacher from Serbia.
  • "I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave us. We really loved it". - Teacher from Greece
  • "Thank you for the initiative. For the first time, I share online lectures in physics classes". - Teacher from Bulgaria