About Us
Lecturers Without Borders is a project launched by a group of international scientists, with headquarters in Paris and Munich. Its creators are scientists and university and school professors who use their travel opportunities (when attending scientific conferences, going on holidays, etc.) to give free outreach lectures in local schools and universities. Online lectures (in the form of webinars) are organised when the physical presence of the scientist in the classroom is not possible. As of today, the project has over 250 lecturers and can approach up to 8 000 schools around the world.
Our Mission
Being a non-profit NGO, we aim to bring science and scientists into the classrooms both on- and offline to empower, inspire and motivate kids and teens and to provide a safe environment for a dialogue, discussion and exchange between scientists, teachers and school students.

We are a community-driven, bottom-up initiative of researchers/lecturers who reach out to schools and institutions. Our aim is to bring researchers in contact with schools and make STEM not a scary set of disciplines but approachable for the younger generation. We bring contemporary science to the public and enable schools to enrich their curriculum.
Our Values
Voluntary and not-for-profit
All lectures are based on voluntary work, and no financial compensation will be given to any lecturer or school. Exceptions can be made for reimbursement of materials and of travel costs in particular cases (e.g., if a school in a remote geographical location requested our intervention).
Low ecological footprint
The trips to schools are combined with existing travel plans of the scientists (e.g. to attend a conference, or visit a research lab) in the best way possible to ensure minimum extra travelling for our activities.
Inclusivity and non-discrimination
No discrimination is tolerated regarding gender, religion, sexual orientation, cultural or socio-economic background nor on any other basis, towards any of the people involved, at any stage of the organisation of educational activities.
Open education for everyone
We value open access to education, including minorities and groups that are usually excluded. We design our activities aiming to be reachable by any teacher or student independently from their social status or background. We aim to collect scientifically valuable resources and disseminate them to local communities.
Non conflict with any public educational programme
LeWiBo's activities are complementary towards strengthening the STEM sciences in education. LeWiBo's activities do not substitute official public planning educational programmes and aim to be aligned with them. Non conflict with any public educational programme of the host institution's country is ensured by the Beneficiary.
Anonymisation of data for external communication
Privacy of personal data of students and of schools registered in the LeWiBo network is ensured to the best of our capabilities.
Core Team
Liubov Tupikina
Dr. Liubov Tupikina is a researcher, working on stochastic processes and applications with research groups in France, Germany, Russia.
Liubov: "If not for my teachers of mathematics in childhood, I would never have started to be interested in solving mathematical problems, which originated from the physics problems. It is important to make children unafraid of mathematics, which is something we are working on in Lecturers Without Borders."
Countries: France, Germany, Russia
Delphine Clara Zemp
Dr. (Delphine) Clara Zemp is a researcher working in Germany and Indonesia on interactions between tropical forests, climate change and land use by humans.
Clara: "By sharing my knowledge and fascination with forest ecology with children, I hope to contribute to building landscapes of tomorrow that host biodiversity and humans in harmony".
Countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia

Athanasia Nikolaou
Dr. Athanasia Nikolaou studied physics in Athens, Greece, holds a MSc in climate science and a PhD in planetary science. She has worked in the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands and in the German Aerospace Centre in Germany. She is part of the international science consortium of the ARIEL Space Mission, currently working at ESA in Rome, Italy. Her research focuses on planetary evolution, the stability of dynamical systems and climate processes on early Earth and on exoplanets.
Countries: Germany, Greece, Italy
Mikhail Khotyakov
Mikhail Khotyakov teaches mathematics. He currently works in German schools and organises maths clubs. He finds continuous sustainable education crucial for children's development and wishes for a network of scientists who can strengthen children's motivation through specially prepared lectures in their field of science. In LeWiBo, he is responsible for the schools and is always ready to review scientists' presentations for child-suitability.
Countries: Germany, Russia

Anastasia Mityagina
Anastasia Mityagina graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University, and worked as a school history teacher for several years while studying. After graduating, she pursued a career path in public and media relations, working in Russia in the IT and Finance sectors, for both companies and agencies. She was also the Head of the Communication Department of Absolut Bank (former KBC Group, Belgium) for five years. She has lived in Germany since 2010, supporting numerous international projects. Between 2015 and 2020 she also volunteered for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.
Countries: Germany, Russia

Eugenia Covernton
Chief Executive Officer
Eugenia Covernton is the CEO of Lecturers Without Borders. She studied Biotechnology in Argentina and Science Management in South Korea, before moving to France in 2014 for a PhD in Virology. She is fascinated by viruses, but her true passions are education and science communication. She is currently involved in several teaching activities that aim to help students become active participants in their own education and that of others.
Countries: Argentina, France
Cintia Stival
Education Consultant
Cintia Stival is a Lecturer Consultant for LeWiBo, working to improve the quality of seminars. She is a researcher on mammalian reproduction in Argentina. She has travelled to Mexico and the USA, to work on international collaborations to develop her research. She also teaches biology courses for undergrad students at the University. Her love for both teaching and science came from the inspiration she got from her passionate high school teachers, so she recognises the power that motivation and committed mentorship has on young students.
Countries: Argentina
Ulysse Pedreira-Segade
Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Ulysse Pedreira-Segade has studied Earth Sciences in Lyon, France. He holds a PhD in geochemistry and astrobiology. Ulysse is passionate about sharing knowledge and critical thinking values, hoping to work in favour of bridging science, art and humanities.
Ulysse is working as a science coordinator for Lectures Without Borders. He manages larger scale projects (open lectures, webinar series, outreach events on a specific topic...), and focuses on crafting the programme of the event, recruiting speakers, and moderating sessions.
Country: France
Megan Dick
PR & Communications
Megan Dick studied English, Media and Political Communication at the University of Cape Town. She began her professional career in print journalism, before moving into the non-profit sector, where she has worked in communications for over 10 years. Megan believes in the power of education to change lives and inspire the next generation, and echoes the belief of Nobel Laureate, Nelson Mandela, who said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
Megan provides social media, PR and general communications support to Lectures Without Borders. She creates and distributes content across LeWiBo's networks to promote their events, activities and STEM resources.
Country: South Africa
Collaborators and Former Members
Gaia Agostini
Grant writing and Fundraising
Samat Galimov
Web development
Eugeniy Gabrilovich
Video editing
Thio Rosin Fulgence
Project Manager Madagascar
Suci Armand
Project Manager Indonesia
Ana Sofía Londero
Database & Communication Support
Emilie Hannibal
Financial coordinator
Scientific Advisory Board
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