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Enabling [travelling] scientists to inspire high school students
Big thank you note for the wonderful, insightful webinar. I received great feedback from the students, they all wrote they learned a lot and they thought the lecture was great and the lecturer was wonderful
Gabriela Ivan
First Tech Challenge Romania
"I very much enjoyed the opportuinity to reach out to the students so enthusiastic about learning, and the atmosphere created on lectures is always the most encouraging about sharing the knowledge!"
Georgy Makhatadze
University of Copenhagen
"It was very good opportunity for my students and me to learn new
things and to reach new experience."
Jagoda Ukaj
School Teacher, Serbia
How to give a lecture?

Sign up
Please sign up to our database using a form above. We'd like to know your name, email and academic affiliation to be sure you are a scientist. Any grade is eligible.
Set up time and date
To arrange a lecture we'd ask you to define the format, desired topic, audience and lecture length. We will organise everything for you basing on your preferences and our school database. Contacts, logistics, etc — we handle it all. All you need is to give a great lecture
Give your talk
Giving talks to kids is extremely rewarding. Kids just love lectures and interaction with real scientists. Join us and enjoy!
How to host a lecture?

Sign up
Please sign up to our database using a form above. Schools, educational institutions, associations and universities are welcome to join.
Host a webinar
To host a webinar you can either choose one from our menu of webinars we share with our registered schools every month or send us your request.
Plan an offline lecture
After you register to our database we will be informing you about any opportunity of having an offline lecture. As soon as a scientist will plan a trip to your region we will investigate all possibility of organising a lecture at our partnering schools in the region.
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