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Enabling [travelling] scientists to inspire [high] school students
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"Big thank you note for the wonderful, insightful webinar. I received great feedback from the students, they all wrote they learned a lot and they thought the lecture was great and the lecturer was wonderful"
Gabriela Ivan
First Tech Challenge Romania
"I very much enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to the students so enthusiastic about learning, and the atmosphere created on lectures is always the most encouraging about sharing the knowledge!"
Georgy Makhatadze
University of Copenhagen
"It was very good opportunity for my students and me to learn new
things and to reach new experience."
Jagoda Ukaj
School Teacher, Serbia
Lecturers Without Borders
Who we are
We are a non-profit NGO that aims to organize scientific talks in schools around the world, whenever scientists travel to attend conferences or for other reasons. The lectures can be in any language that the scientist is fluent in, the work of the scientists is voluntary and all activities are free of charge and can be either in person or online.
I am a scientist
How can I give a lecture?
Your lectures can be about your topic of expertise, about a general topic related to your research or about "life as a scientist".
The first step to give one is to register on our database so that we can contact you and have the information we need to coordinate your lectures. Please note that registering does not involve committing to any immediate action!
The next steps depend on whether you're travelling soon or not:
I'll be travelling soon
I'm not travelling yet
Share your travel plans
Tell us where you're going and when, either using this form or by email. Please include all relevant information (e.g. time constraints)
We find a school
We will contact schools in your destination and find one willing to host your lecture. It would be useful for this step to have your online profile available here
We schedule the lecture
We will find a time during your trip when the school can host your lecture and arrange the details so that it doesn't disrupt your plans too much!
Create an online profile
Create a scientist profile on our dedicated page so that schools can see it and invite you to their classroom
Propose a webinar
If you want, you can add webinars to our catalogue using this form, so that schools can request to host them
A school invites you
Schools can request your webinar or simply invite you to participate in one of their classes for an informal chat
We schedule the event
We will make sure to find a time that is convenient for both you and the school and provide the online platform
I'm part of an educational institution
How can I host a lecture?
You can host lectures on a specific topic related to their research or a more general talk about "life as a scientist".
he first step to do it is to register on our database so that we can contact you and have the information we need to coordinate lectures in your institution. Please note that registering does not involve committing to any immediate action!
The next steps depend on whether a scientist can come in person or not, and the desired format:
We'd like to host a visiting scientist
We'd like to host a webinar
We'd like to virtually invite a scientist to a class
We contact you
If a scientist is visiting your city/town, we will email you asking if you would like to host them during their stay, and send you all the relevant information
We schedule the lecture
If you agree to host them, we work out the day and time of the lecture with both parts and put you in contact with the visiting scientist
You host the scientist
The visiting scientist comes to your institution in person to give a lecture on the agreed topic and for the agreed audience. Make sure you invite your students!
Visit our catalogue
Available webinars are listed in our webinar catalogue. In the description of each webinar you'll find the languages and recommended age for it and a link to the scientist's profile
Request a webinar
You can use this form or email us to request one or more webinars from our catalogue. Please note that small adjustments can be made based on your needs
We schedule it
We will find a time that is convenient for you and the speaker and arrange the webinar
Host the webinar
We can provide the online platform, moderate the webinar and provide assistance. You only need to invite your students!
Contact us
You can email us to request the visit of a scientist, telling us the topic you're interested in, the age of the students and when you would like the scientist to come. You can also choose from our scientists page!
We find a scientist
We will send you the relevant information about the scientist(s) we found for your class - including the link to their online profile if they have one - and wait for your approval
They e-attend your class
During the normal hours of your class and without you scheduling any special lecture, a scientist can attend yous class and be available for a chat with your students or to answer questions from them!
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